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CR Webs provides quality web site design, graphic design, photography, web hosting, search engine optimization & marketing.

Web Site Development

CR Webs designs quality, easy-to-use responsive, web sites that promote you and your services. Employing the latest information technologies and marketing services for better search engine and marketing results, CR Webs works with you to bring your design goals to fruition. Web visitors are lost to inconsistent, dull or slow-loading pages. CR Webs will design your web site to have the look and feel appealing to your customers.

Digital Imaging

From a background in graphics and professional photography, CR Webs renders your images and graphic designs for optimal web presentation. Ask about adding expert photography, logo design or any other graphic design work to your next project.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you want your web site to place "organically" in the top search engine results? Many web sites rarely show up in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! due to poor web page design, descriptions and text. Some web sites are banned by the search engines for deceptive techniques. The mission of a search engine is to deliver quality, relevant content to the Internet searcher and CR Webs understands this process. Let CR Webs show you the safe and effective way to increase your search engine ranking and get results.


The following information is applicable to accounts hosted by CR-Webs

E-mail Setup

To set up Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, a SmartPhone, or another e-mail program --in most -- you'll go to Tools, Accounts, Add, & then a "set up wizard" will start, prompting for:
Display Name: Your first & last name
E-mail address: user@yourdomain.com
(or .net or .org)
User name: user@yourdomain.com (or .net or .org)
Password: (that you provided or were issued -- case sensitive)
IMAP Incoming mail server:
connection security SSL (port 993), normal password.
SMTP Outgoing mail server:
connection security SSL (port 465).
(Outgoing mail server requires security, i.e., use the same user name and password as Incoming)
After setting up your account, you may wish to send yourself a test e-mail.


You can also check your email by using Webmail. Open Internet Explorer (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) and go to:

http://www.yourdomain.com (or .net or .org)/webmail
and log in with:
User name: user@yourdomain.com (or .net or .org)
Password: (that you provided or were issued -- case sensitive)
After logging in, you'll be given a choice of Horde, SquirrelMail or Round Cube; they are all about the same -- whichever you choose, you should stick with it. You'll notice that you can also set up Auto Responders, Forwarding, etc.

Business Strategies

With your new domain, advertise the fact. Use your new e-mail address in all new correspondence.
You can check multiple e-mail accounts with Outlook, etc., and respond with your new e-mail account. Keep the old e-mail account for awhile. Correspondents will grow accustomed to your new e-mail account and eventually, you will be able to drop your old account, if desired.
You may wish to set up "department" e-mail accounts that may be handled by one or more members of your business. For instance, set up a sales@yourdomain.com account to field sales queries to the first available sales person. E-mail messages can be forwarded to as many recipients as desired -- on your domain or on another domain.

Create a Website

There are 3 basic "pillars" to a website. They are:

The Domain Name

Registrars are licensed by ICANN to maintain internet domain names worldwide. If you wish to purchase a domain name, visit a Registrar (such as GoDaddy), search for a domain name (preferably a dot com), and purchase (typically $20/year). Equipped with your user name and password, you can make changes to your contact information and hosting server, for instance.


You should select a hosting server that has large, fast, redundant connections to the internet. Your server should also have large, high speed capacity, data backup, redundant power supplies, and secure server services such as e-mail, scripting, logging, visitor stats, etc.


You'll want your website to have a clean design that is easy to read and navigate. Professional pictures, logos and graphics add interest, but the king of the content is the wording -- the more the better. Clear descriptions of your services and products compel visitor interest, and also help the search engines in their classification and rating.

Web Hosting Plans

Your web site is hosted on fast, secure, 24/7/365 uptime, high-bandwidth servers.
Full statistics on your web traffic and visitors provided.

Hosting Plans

$10/month or $100/year -
2GB Disk Quota, 10GB Bandwidth Quota
$15/month or $150/year -
20GB Disk Quota, 20GB Bandwidth Quota
$20/month or $200/year -
50GB Disk Quota, Unlimited Bandwidth
All plans pre-paid. All plans include e-mail, webmail, ftp, administrative control panel, development tools,
PHP, MySQL, FrontPage Server Extensions, SSH Secure Shell, etc. Add e-commerce, design, search engine optimization and more.


Most site owners opt for the Maintenance Plan, which includes 2 hours of web site maintenance per month. The Maintenance Plan includes adding e-mail accounts, web site design/redesign -- anything involved with the maintenance of your web site. Hosting is included in the maintenance plan (no extra charge).

Search Engine Marketing

You want potential new customers to be able to find your web site while searching Google or other search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sometimes referred to as Search Engine Marketing, involves the use of many different methods to render your site a high placement in search engines' results.The methods to higher placement may involve carefully choosing your keywords & description META tags, rewriting text, search engine & directory submission, and an ongoing analysis & adjustment. Contact us so that we can meet & discuss your marketing strategy. Let us show you how we can attract more business for you.

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